Create an account by filling out this form. PetProCheck only provides background checks to approved businesses. As part of the application process we may call or email you once to confirm your business contact information. Dog Walker


Once approved you will receive a series of 3 welcome emails. The final email will contain your temporary password as well as instructions to get you started.


To place an order, enter the candidate’s name and email in the invite box on your account home screen, checkout, and you will receive notifications as your search progresses.


Your candidate will receive an email from your PetProCheck account asking them to follow a link. Here they will authorize the search, once they provide necessary basic personal information they are finished. We will send them reminders once per day until complete; the provided link is only valid for 1 week.  You will receive a copy of the authorization and a confirmation email when the search is complete. Please allow 2 to 5 business days for completion.

* PetProCheck does not provide legal advice. We suggest that each client be diligent in knowing the laws for both their state and the FCRA. We are not responsible for misrepresented candidate information. The information provided in a background search is not automatic grounds for a denial of employment. PetProCheck does not assist with or offer advice on who to hire. Please see our reference page for full details.